HOWTO: Deny Internet Access Via A Sonicwall Appliance

How To Deny Internet Access Via A Sonicwall

This document will show you how to setup a Deny Internet Access Rule in a Sonicwall from start to finish. By default, the Sonicwall allows all machines full access to any port on the internet

Create the Address Object
1) From the Sonicwall, go to Network > Address Objects
2) Click “Add” under the Address Objects section
3) Give the device a name
4) Assign it to the LAN zone
5) Set the type to MAC
6) Enter the MAC address
7) Click “Add”
8) Click “Close”.

Create The Group
9) Click “Add Group” From the Address Objects screen.
10) Give the new group a name (ex. Deny Web Access)
11) Add the device you created in the previous steps
12) Click “OK”. You are now back to the list of address objects and groups.

Create The Access Rules
13) Go to Firewall > Access Rules
14) Click on the LAN to WAN zone
15) Click “Add”
16) Click “Deny”
17) For Service, choose “HTTP”
18) For Source, choose the group you created in step 10
19) For destination, choose Any
20) Click “Add”
21) Repeat steps 16 – 20 but set the service to HTTPS instead of HTTP