New Server Checklist
  1. Install RAM in vendor's required configuration
  2. Install additional components if necessary
  3. Install Hard Drives
  4. Update BIOS
  5. Allow boot without keyboard
  6. Update firmware on hard disk controllers, hard drives and anything else
  7. Configure RAID
  8. Install Windows
  9. Install latest drivers
  10. Configure server name
  11. Configure IP
  12. Join to domain
  13. Place into proper OU
  14. Run "forceupdate" script to install windows updates
  15. Push AV client
  16. Verify RDP
  17. Install VNC
  18. Install into rack
  19. Flag all patch cables
  20. install vendor management software
  21. Configure for power monitoring on the UPS
  22. Copy i386 folder to local drive
  23. Install Microsoft Recovery Console
  24. Install Windows Support Tools
  25. System Properties -Advanced - Startup and Recovery - Time to display list of operating systems 5 seconds
  26. Verify guest disabled
  27. Setup c:\tools for various scripts and utilities
  28. Install Daemon Tools Lite
  29. Install PDF Viewer
  30. stress testing for 2 days
  31. Setup Roles
  32. If outside access is required, setup appropriate A records and firewall rules
  33. Role testing
  34. Install SNMP
  35. Install ncclient++
  36. Setup appropriate nagios monitors
  37. Scan with Nessus to identify any issues and resolve
  38. Review Windows logs are resolve issues
  39. Verify showing up in Spiceworks
  40. Create ERD
  41. Add to backup job